Exercises to relieve eyestrain

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Usually we perform ativities that can cause fatigue or eyestrain. Examples of these activities can be the use of computers, smartphones, tablets, TV's. Besides reading and writting for long periods can also cause eyestrain.

According to studies, humans flashes typically 18 times per minute, while in the use of such electronic devices this amount down to half (9 times per minute).

To reduce the eyestrain propose these exercises:


  • Sitting in a chair rub your hands until warm.
  • Close your eyes and cover them lightly with your cupped palms.
  • Breathe slowly and evenly.
  • Repeat this process for two or three minutes.

Close the eyes

  • Close your eyes tightly for five seconds, then open another five seconds. Repeat exercise for seven or eight times.
  • Making a massage the eyes with fingers in circular motions for one or two minutes.
  • Apply pressure on the upper eyelids for two seconds with three fingers of each hands; rest two seconds, and repeat five times.

Looking away

  • Sit about fifteen centimeters a window and make a mark at this level of your eyes, observe and then focus on some distant point for fifteen seconds, after this time back to look at the mark of the window.
  • Reach out and hold a pencil with his hand, placing it at eye level. Slowly bring your pencil towards your nose until you can focus on it. Repeat the process about ten times.
  • A subject that is more than forty five meters for a few seconds and slowly refocus sight for one second to an object in the same direction that is at least then meters and then refocus the distant object. Repeat this process about five times.
  • Repeat the above but everytime you focus on a nearby object, select an object closer and closer until your sights on something located a few centimeters from his nose to concentrate.


  • Sit at a distance for about fifty centimeters from your computer, position the screen so that you can look slighty downward and make constant series of flashes for ten seconds, rest for fice seconds and repeat.
  • Every twenty minutes look at an object that is about six meters aways for twenty seconds, then close your eyes for twenty seconds, open and blinking another five seconds.
  • Gently massage with your index fingers on the upper eyelids before resuming work routine.

Apart from all these exercises should get enough sleep because of the lack of sleep, the eyes can be irritated and cause eyestrain.

Finally we recommend you follow visual ergonomics guidelanes to help you improve comfort:

  1. Make small body exercises to mobilize neck, back and hands to avoid that result in poor posture due to fatigue
  2. Keep the room ventilated, avoid dry environments
  3. Sit correctly (the feet must touch the floor, legs have to be bend at right angles and back should touch the back)
  4. It should have a ceiling light, not dazzle, that the eyes are not direct and does not make shade. Try to work with natural light
  5. Do not read or write close to the text, maintain a separation distances of at least twenty centimeters, extending this distance to fifty or sixty centimeters if we are facing a screen and about two meters if we are facing a TV
  6. Keep a balanced and healthy diet
  7. Take the appropiate correction and updated glasses or contact lenses, making annual reviews or at most biannual

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