Vision world day

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                    8th October 2015

As every year, on second thursday of october World Sight Day is celebrated in order to focus attention on blindness, visual impairment and rehabilitation of visually impaired. This year central theme is the visual health and equal access to eye care.

This world day is observed wordlwide and the main promotional event for blindness prevention and the "Vision 2020: the right to sight" a global effort to prevent blindness created by the World Health Organization (WHO) and the International Agency for Precenting Blindness (IAPB). Other agencies from the United Nations take part in it, governments, eye care organizations, health professionals, philantropic institutions and individuals working together in partnership.

According to studies,  80% of blindness cases can be avoided, either because they are result of preventable conditions (20%) or bacause they can be treated (60%), to the point of regaining vision. Thats why in 1999 a global initiative aimed at elimination of avoidable blindness in 2020 ( Vision 2020: the right to sight ) was launched. Maintain and restore vision costs little money and can hep to free people from poverty.

The annual world day event celebration of vision brings the chance to increase the awareness and commitment to ensure everyone the right of sight

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