What sunglasses suits me?

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Year after year, we note that there are different models that are in fashion and are most commonly used by most people, but despite being a fashion model, does not mean that all of them feel the same way.

You feel good about gauze it depends inter alia on the shape of your face. Here are some tips depending on the shape of your face:

Oval face:

According to the canons of beauty is the perfect face, so any favors mount this face, so you only have to walk you through your preferences when you go to choose the frame for your glasses. But keep in mind that to harmonize your features should have a size proportional to your face.

Rounded face:

This type of face models suit him by which appears lengthen face vertically, so choose or square frames that incorporating sharp angles, such as hexagonal. Also keep in mind that the thick frames favor our face.

Oblong face:

For this style straight face should choose frames, but the large square and also ways you feel good, because not only will balance the face, but attract the attention of all eyes.

Heart shaped face:

For this face will look good in the upstream round lenses or frames, which make the effect of lengthening the size of the face. It should also be noted that the size of the glasses should not exceed temples.

Square face:

For square faces are advisable sunglasses with rounded frames such as the Aviator slightly rounded type or kind 'Cat eyes'. Since straight or square shapes do not favor him.

Rectangular face:

This style resembles the square face, so they will serve the same models as in the previous case. Should Run mounts with the bow too horizontal.

Triangular face:

Sun glasses ideal for this type of face are those of aviator with fine saddle since its oval shape will give greater harmony to your face.

Besides all this hair color and skin, nose size and shape of your body must be taken into account.

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